Airman await for you at the airport.

Airman’s special handling and VIP protocol service

We provide a dedicated service tailored to the customer’s individual schedule. A dedicated service team will help you thoroughly from arrival to departure.

Operation permit, Over-flight permit
Permit and change service related to aircraft operation for all airports in Korea / Korean airspace over-flight permit service agency
Flight documents
G/D, Flight Plan, weather chart
Ground operation
Air cargo, refueling, cleaning, in-flight meals and supplies
Hotel reservation, C.I.Q handling, Escort to hotel, Tour
자가용항공기 협회 회원증
  • Provides services for VIPs entering/departing Korea with Flight Pro International in the US
Major customer performance
Tom Cruise in Korea for movie promotion
Beyonce Giselle Knowles visited Korea for a performance in Korea
Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero and others at the G20 Summit
Global company Qualcomm chairman and party, S&P chairman and party
Golf Player Kyoungju Choi
Global Enterprise GE Jeffrey Immelt Chairman and Company