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Company Introduction
Thank you to customers who visited Airman’s website.

AIRMAN, which started its service in November 2000, has provided a wide range of services as it launched airport services, ground handling services, medical tourism, and travel businesses. We thank you for your support and love, and we will become a company that realizes customer satisfaction with convenient and high-quality services based on 20 years of experience and know-how.

  • Company name: Airman Inc.
  • CEO: Pyungsoo Kim
  • Establishment: November 24, 2000
  • Address: #2025, Passenger Terminal 1, 272 Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
CEO message
Airman Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary by expanding its business to various aviation-related services centered on Incheon International Airport starting with the GSA of Atlas Airlines, established in November 2000. Until today, we are grateful that our customers’ great interest and help have been based. We have been working hard and sincere to meet the needs of our customers, performing the various tasks that take place at the airport, and we are pleased to be here today.Now, dreaming of the next 20 years, we will do our best to improve the level of service through more systematization and maximize customer satisfaction through differentiated high-end services to customers.
Thank you

President & CEO Pyung Soo Kim

Company history
Certificate of qualification
  • Aircraft handling business registration certificate
  • Foreign patient business registration certificate
  • Certificate of Excellent Promotion Agency (Incheon City)
  • Certificate of designation as an excellent institution (Ministry of Justice)
  • Tourist business registration certificate
  • Appointed as an advisory committee member for the support of attracting foreign patients in Incheon City (Pyungsoo Kim, 2019)
  • MOU signed with Incheon Metropolitan City on medical cooperation and patient attraction with Airman Mongolia branch (2018)
  • Acquired excellent credit rating A from NICE credit rating agency (2018-2019)
Company vision
  • VISION  A Reliable and comfortable company for all of customers
  • MISSION  Contributes to improve the quality of life and to make a happiness
  • VALUE  Try to the development of a sound corporate culture